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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2016
I should start by saying I have always owned Philips products because of their intelligent designs. I find them to be good looking with easy to understand controls and settings. That is until I got this clock. I purchased this clock to replace a Philips alarm clock that was a little over ten years old. That clock was working fine until I had some friend over with a small child who decided to pour a full glass of water on the clock. You can imagine what took place next.

The thing I loved about the old Philips clock was it's dual alarm feature. My partner is up at 5 AM while I get up an hour later. We have it set to radio mode on NPR. The radio would be on for a full two hours in the morning. All sounds great! That whoever is not the case with this new Philips alarm clock.

Let me back up a bit and say there are things I like about this clock. For one, it looks good. Second it was super simple to setup. The controls are very minimal at best.

So here's the problems:

1. There is no off button on the clocks radio. All of the buttons on the clock have dual functionality. That said, there is a button on top of the clock that is marked below the radio with the universal on/off graphic symbol. (An open circle with a line drawn through it.) If you press this button the radio turns on. Press it again and the radio switches from FM to AM. Easy enough right!. press it a third time and the radio turns off right! WRONG! It's back on FM. I can find no way to turn off the radio. There is no radio off button.

2. This one I found out this morning. The alarm goes off at 5 AM. Nothing wrong there. It then shuts itself off at 5:30. What?! It was on for only a half an hour. That won't work. What if I oversleep? There is no way to extend the time the radio in the alarm settings. Oh, wait I can just turn on the radio...But then I can't turn it off when its on. That's no good.

Sorry Philips but this is a BAD design flaw!! It's an alarm clock! How can you screw that up? Somehow you did.
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