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Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2018
I have read several books by the great psychologist Erich Fromm. Each book had a wealth of wisdom and insight and The Art of Being is no exception. Written in the 70's the content is timeless and still relevant...especially the last chapter which addresses certain narcissistic characteristics. Which are applicable to a certain public leader. Other reviews will go deeper into the content but the subject matter should not dissuade laypeople from reading his works. They are very accessible and is not weighed down by an abundance of psychological terminology. If one is reading on a tablet or a Kindle the definition is at one's fingertip and not be distract from the overall message. It is very hopeful and affirmative and not at all dour or pessimistic. It makes one face some hard obstacles in our culture and in our own characters but the underlying principle is that they can be overcome and make one wiser for subduing them. I cannot recommend this book or any other work by Erich Fromm highly enough. Give them a chance. One need not be a psychology major to "get them". It only requires a hungry and open mind. One needs not embrace every idea presented but just consider them as an alternative to the current belief.
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