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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2018
For years I composted with 2 large bins, often with open tops, dry steer manure as a booster, and a consequent crop of flies and gnats. With our new house we say NO to flies of any form, and ordered this compost tumbler. It's small, adequate for a household of 2 people. In less than 3 months it produced rich, crumbly compost in the 1st bin, while working on the 2nd batch in the other half. When both sides of the bin are nearly full it is difficult to rotate, but it will still function. Today I emptied the 1st half, and now it will tumble more easily for a while. When I take a bag of collected compost out I add a scoop of dirt and roll it around in the bag to coat kitchen scraps in dirt, then turn into the tumbler. This minimizes exposed organic matter, mixes wet-dry material, and has controlled flies and gnats. The EJWOX does not take on water, even in our heavy summer rains. Emptying the finished compost is easy with a qt size carton from my plastic recycle bin, much easier than with a shovel or trowel. A few pieces of corn cob were not yet finished and went into the other bin, providing some compost starter as well. Once winter arrives I may need to adjust the system until it warms up in spring. It's all good.
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