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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on May 29, 2019
Overall: Good cameras for the price, relatively easy setup, practical wireless distance is well under 50 feet.

Info that wasn't clear:
- The cameras connect to the sync module AND wifi and need good connections to both.
- Camera wifi and sync module wifi connections are one setting (must be on the same network).
- In the blink App, camera settings, at the bottom is "Status" which shows connection strength to wifi and sync module
- The range is nowhere near 100 feet for sync module
- Camera Wifi receiving ability is weak

Pros -
- Ability to add zones a nice upgrade from the first generation (however, seems to only work part of the time - see cons).
- Decent arm/disarm ability to turn on motion sensors and alerts through Alexa (Can't add skill to routine, though - so you can't turn on Amazon Guard, lock all the doors, and turn on the Blink cameras with one command.)
- Pretty good image quality, especially for wireless color cameras
- Price point for what it does, even with its faults. With some improvements it would be an amazing deal, as-is it's an OK deal.
- Relatively fast activation onto new firestick/tv using Alexa. If firestick/tv is on, "Show me the front porch" comes on in less than 10 seconds. (problems with app disconnecting - see cons)
- Blink app is easy to use, intuitive.
- Setup is easy (unless you want to experiment with different routers, sync module placement)

Cons -
- Range to connect to wifi and sync module extremely lacking. (see Sync Distance below)
- Zone mapping is unreliable, often triggering based on movement in 'inactive' zones.
- Blink for home app disconnects from Alexa. About every 24 hours, you have to completely re-enable the Alexa skill "blink for home". After 24 hours, it's like you never set it up to begin with. Want to see the cameras on your fire tv or arm the system? Better find the skill, login to blink, wait to sync, enable the skill, etc. Every. Day. This makes Alexa integration practically worthless.
- No ability to save still images to camera roll in Blink App. You can record videos, save them to the cloud, and download to your phone. And, you can take still photos, but it's just a small snapshot. You can't save to the cloud, your phone, etc. It's essentially a thumbnail update feature but should be a still-image option.
- Blink system does not work with older Firestick models.
- No easy way to monitor cameras via pc/computer. Blink says no capability, but there is a chrome plugin that spoofs an android phone and you can install the app (allegedly - I haven't tried)
- Changing wifi settings for the cameras (to try different networks) you need to have the back off the camera and scan a QR code or type in a long serial number.
- Updating motion zones takes a few minutes to work. A few recordings may be triggered even after you update zones, but it eventually stops after a few minutes.
- Additional sync module is $50. To put the cameras where I really want (and within 100 feet) I would need three total. Instead, I had to compromise to closer locations.

Sync Distance
- I have a router and the sync module in a window, and max reception is about 35 feet. You practically need to have the router and the sync module in the room just inside where you want to mount the camera.
- Through a window, sync module and wifi at 65 feet could not connect.
- 100 feet is a fantasy for these 'wireless outdoor' cameras. If your wifi and sync module is indoors (most applications), even a single wall or window limits connection distance.
- Camera wifi receiving: Three bars and solid download speed on my iPhone or laptop, but at the same distance, the camera wifi is rated a 2 of 5 and shows 'red' low signal.

- Eliminate the need for a sync module, build into the camera - even at the expense of battery life. Boosting wifi signal throughout home and property is much easier, especially considering the limited range of the sync console.
- Offer white case outdoor version. Covers work OK but not ideal and could still be less conspicuous around white trim.
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