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Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2019
I have been reading and reviewing Dave the villager latley im not loyal to one author because they all have this good thing in their books! dave the villager: good books fast books (and little for typos)
stn: he trys to put laughs in his books
CK: long somtimes funny books has a kinda complex series

poison stormberry WV 13, 14?
class: knight
abilitys: shield bash swordpush (runts ability i dunno what its called) ultamite ability: meteor. user summons a small meteor tha flys where the user wants it to go. deals 15 damage)
skin: search maker1 on the skindex and choose the blue hoodie that i made also you can edit the skin a little if you think it needs improving.
Attributes vit: 4 str: 2 int: 5 kar: 3 res: 4. if im missing anything you choose
level: 13
weapons: emerald sword.
brave: 6
personality: nice, a little bit sarcastic.
clan: lower tier knight of athieria.
armor: gemwrought mail dyed blue.
plz be somone who is not a side or minor character.
reason for the guy: at time of posting i have my birthday coming up ant it would be a SUPER AWESOME PRESENT!
reason 2: cristmas present too lol.
you choose anything i skipped by if i forgot.
(sorry about the grammar im on kindle.
also my brother says you have stopped writing. i dont belive him. your just making your logest book yet!

-BRBasher OUT!
P.S. I dont start bookwars if anyone thinks its me i was in the middle of the bookwar when i started reviewing...
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