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Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2017
I live in a small, 600 square foot apartment with wood and tile floors. I bought this bagged canister vacuum because I was honestly tired of the poor performance and dust associated with upright bag-less vacuums (looking at you, shark). Although those vacuums are better for higher pile carpeting, they are quite messy to empty if you don't do it outside, and quite honestly, the suction is lacking.

When I saw this little vacuum, I wasn't expecting miracles, but what I got pleasantly surprised me. The suction coming out of the vacuum was significantly more than I had ever experienced with an upright, and the bag can hold quite a lot of dust and debris without any adverse effect on the suction. I was planning on just using it for the floors, but I found that the bristle dusting attachment is actually more effective at dusting my place than a handheld duster (and it keeps the dust in the bag, which is a plus). Thus, I have found myself turning to this vacuum much more often for cleaning.

The only controls on the vacuum are suction, a power switch, and a switch to rewind the cord into the machine. I have found the machine to be quite quiet, even on the highest setting (which really is overkill in terms of suction). Depending on where you're living, I suppose the lower settings can be useful for less noise, but frankly the unit is more quiet than most uprights I've used.

I should note here that there are no powered attachments for this vacuum- no rotating floor brush or anything of that sort. As the product description mentions, this is really a vacuum made for hard floors and low-pile carpet. And for those tasks, this vacuum excels. The only complaint I would have is that the vacuum could come with a couple extra bags- it only comes with one and a filter.
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