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Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2018
The story itself is decent, but this guy’s writing skills leave much to be desired. It’s so badly written it’s distracting. His vocabulary is only about a 3rd grade level. His mistakes in grammar, particularly verb tense and verb usage, are appalling and frequent. (He really needs a primer on lie, lay, lain, and lay, laid, laid because he has no clue that they are different words.) There are missing words, sometimes extraneous words, that exhibit a lack of editing. He has no sense of syntax. He changes verb tense within paragraphs, sometimes even within sentences. And seriously, did no one ever teach him that you don’t say, “Me and so-and-so,” that it should be “So-and-so and I” at some point in grade school? If this book series were written by an 8th grader I might say there is some potential, but if this author ever wants to be a real writer he needs to learn the English language first.
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