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Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2017
I have run these for years in my RV and they work killer! Here's some more in-depth thoughts:

- These work better than I had expected. Just hook them up to the water source, hook your hose to it, run it to your trailer and viola` clean and good tasting water. Some of the places we have visited have had water that I wouldn't feed to my worst enemy. With this thing attached, it's very good tasting.
- I like the hose attachment that comes with this to aide in adding flexibility to the system and not put too much strain on the system. I have bought so many of these, I now use one attaching the filter to the nozzle, one out of the filter to my hose, and one attaching my hose to the trailer.

- I will note that the manufacturer suggesting using these for only 1 camping season, and this makes sense. That's what I do, and it seems to work out great. It's not too much $ to replace every season.
- Another note, when first putting this filter into service (just the first time of the season, subsequent hook-ups wont do this) there will be a bunch of carbon (black in the water) that comes out of the faucet in your trailer. This is perfectly fine, safe, and of no issue. This is the filter breaking in and getting the extra carbon out of the system. There is no health concern with this happening. I just run the faucet until it clears up, and then we're good to go for the rest of the season.
- Last note, when we unhook from our camping spot, I swing the filter in my hand with my arm extended (using centrifugal force, not centrifical, look it up) to get the residual water out of the filter so it doesn't sit in there and spoil. I do this until I get most of the water drops to stop, leave it out on the counter to dry, and boom, it's perfect the next time.

- None to report

Overall this filter does a great job taking care of some seriously nasty campground water that we've encountered all over the Southwest US. I cannot recommend it any higher.

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