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Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2018
It is a nice little safe for what is meant to be. This safe in not fireproof, water proof, thief proof or heavy. It is simply a safe to keep valuables or papers secure and away from prying eyes or someone looking for an easy score going through your stuff in a hurry. It locks fine and the electric combo is easy to setup and use. For more security it can be bolted to the wall or floor from the inside of the safe. Id recommend this as it is easily picked up to be walked out the door if anyone wished to do that. It will keep out a normal kid, teenager, or anyone who wants to try and get in without leaving marks on it. A real thief or a real person with time and tools can break in with enough perseverance. If it was walked out and dropped from a high enough height, it would probably break open. But that is why it can be bolted.

All this may sound like a negative review but honestly I just want everyone to know this is a fine basic safe and my purchase would be made again. For the price and what i wanted, this is a fine buy. Secure for my purposes and does what it says it will do very well. Enough room for most important things in life. Jewelry, a hand gun, papers, or whatever. Has a shelve that can divide the storage in half. For a basic safe, I think amazon did a fine job with this one.
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