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Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2015
I'm re-reading all of Child's Reacher novels and Novellas, having discovered the series at aabout its fourteenth installment. So far into the second tour I found this a decent yarn but ceratinly very far from the best crop. What I really loathed was the excessive padding of the novel with the situational descriptions. Was there really a need for any reader to be informed of the material a blouse buttons were made of, or the fare at a dinner that didn't add a iota to the plot? With this novel I reaffirmed my suspicion that Child must be fullfilling a page quota for his editor in every novel. Most writer pad their works a bit but Lee Child really overdoes it, and as a consequence the reader must plough through the inconsequantial stuff. I guess that if the straw was pared out, without remotely making the book an empty sketch, the book could have been shortened to an agile 60%. All in all I remain a fan of Reacher although by now he must be pushing 55, kind of incredible for the action passages of the recent novels, even if he is the probervial Übermensch. <grump>
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