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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2017
The company that manufactures the Berkey filter is really scammy. Despite being so popular and having been around for so long, they are not NSF certified (which is a basic certification requiring independent analysis that your filter indeed does what it claims it does and doesn't add anything to the water). In addition, they are not sold in California because they don't want to comply with CA's "no lead law." Berkey claims this requirement is too expensive and onerous, which again is a major red flag for such a well known manufacturer that sells extremely well. Moreover, Berkey only sells through dealers, who have no idea how the product works or the specifications, and only repeat mumbo-jumbo designed to confuse the average Joe about how the product works. They were also caught faking laboratory test results from LSU, and their fraudulent claims are refuted by the professor cited on the report. They also tout the food coloring 'test' to ensure the filter works, which is completely unscientific. Also, from numerous tests people have done testing the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS- the amount of stuff floating in your water), they have found that tap water filtered through a Berkey ends up with a higher amount of TDS (despite it tasting better). Makes you wonder what exactly their filters are adding to the water. And finally, while most reputable gravity filter companies will disclose what their filters are made out of (eg, carbon, coconut husks, etc), Berkey merely says their filters are made of "proprietary formula" and "mixed media." My guess is their filters have bad stuff in them and they don't want to be tested by NSF and can't comply with the California law because of this. All around extremely shady. I would recommend not using their filters.
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