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Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2020
The statistics provided at the beginning of this book concerning women and Alzheimer's Disease are indeed staggering. And, if one thinks they are high now...wait until the year 2050. The book covers topics relating to Alzheimer's including how a woman may reclaim her health, diet, hormonal therapy, dispelling myths concerning brains, questionnaires for heart disease, depression, stress, and more.

One thing that Dr. Mosconi mentions early in her book is that this disease begins 20 to 30 years before symptoms appear. All the more reason that the younger generation of women should read this now and take action to improve their mental health. (I am in my 70's now and, of course, I wish this book was available years ago..But, she does state that it is never too late to start the steps listed...results will be obtained).

It is a book full of information, an interesting read and the author has spent her life researching women and their health issues...I was amazed to read that clinical trials were given to men and not women...just a few years ago. The male medical profession is learning (albeit it slowly) about women. The disparity is not only financially but also includes intellectual, legal and medical areas. This outstanding book will provide the reader with some important tools to assist them.

Lots of interesting recipes at the end, as well. I will admit that I normally do not purchase organic products. My problem has always been that the prices are high and am unsure of the organic testing that is done on them.

And, on a personal note which really does not belong here, I am one of thousands in the US that provided care for my Mom. She had Lewy Body Dementia and had no idea who I was for 14 months or so. We both went on a journey together and it was indeed a painful one for me. She always worried about Alzheimer's and what would happen. I always told her 'you'll be fine, Mom, as you won't know..." She passed away in 2003 and I think of her often... Not all bad in retrospect as we made cookies, looked at old photographs, listened to her favorite music and spent a lot of time together... (I stopped working in my mid-50's to care for her and never returned to the work force).. And, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

If there is one book that I would recommend for the younger women in my life this would be the one. The last part lists all of the author's sources.

Most highly recommended.
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