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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2019
Susan Stoker’s ‘Securing Piper’ had my heart in my throat from the very first chapter, and that feeling never went away! The tension was palpable, the emotion tangible, and it was worth every shocked gasp, heartfelt sigh, and edge-of-your-seat moment as each detail of the story fell into place, the puzzle unraveling, the plot thickening, the story captivating me as the reader.
Ace and Piper meet under unusual circumstances, yet still, can immediately feel that there is a connection, even if it isn’t necessarily the time or the place. The situation is dangerous, there are a lot of unknowns, and then there are the three beautiful young girls that Piper has formed an unbreakable bond with as they’ve survived the experiences they’ve had. And, as the story unfolds, that bond gets tested, even as Ace gets thrown into the mix, and the lengths that Ace and Piper are willing to go to for happiness, for their instant family, was beautiful to read. A marriage helps speed along the adoption process, and never has Ace blink an eye. Piper wants what is best for everyone, especially the kids, and Ace wants them all. But things at home aren’t as safe as they seem, and everyone deals with loss and grief in a different way. Piper can’t help the introverted person that she is, but tries her best, and Ace is there every step of the way, when he can be.
I adored this story. I swear I say it about every single Susan Stoker novel, and I’ve been there since the beginning, and each story has a whole new relationship for me to fall in love with, and the case was certainly no different with Ace and Piper! I loved their devotion, their gut-feelings and how they acted on them, their communication. I loved seeing how their story fit into the rest of the world as it is established, and hinted at what’s coming next! (September 2020, I see you!) Thank you, Susan, for another emotional rollercoaster of a journey that I already cannot wait to ride again! Everyone, you need to read this book! From the jungle to the city, love conquers all!
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