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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2002
This book will introduce you to complex numbers, complex variables, and complex functions and you _will_ be able to make the journey. You'll need a little familiarity with algebra but, like all these modern mathematical expositories, you can completely grasp the subject with diligence. The hard or clever parts are spelled out for you.
Perhaps there are some typos but I wasn't hampered appreciably by them. Some beautiful and elegant mathematics is exposed very sensitively in this book and with a great appreciation for the chronology and history of the process. The demonstration bears out Hadamard's comment, "The shortest distance two points in the real plane oftens passes through the complex plane."
This book really spurred on my interest in complex variables. The continued study of complex math can take you to some stunning and unexpected connections in mathematics. I encourage interested readers to consider this book as a starting place for that journey.
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