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Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2019
I had no choice, I had to throw this book away or perish of boredom. A planet far away. "Ants" that weighed a ton whose main method of killing was tearing their opponents apart (not too bright but a LOT of them). The good guy are an advanced army in personal armored suits that rival a tank it killing power (which for some reason need to be charged but also have a reactor capable of creating a nuclear explosion when misused. What?). All of this but no air power! Why are these "warriors" on the ground? The ants don't fly and don't have aircraft that we know of. The equivalent of a couple of biplane could have decimated the ants without any risk to the "warriors" (the good guys are called warriors over and over and ....). Star ships but no airplanes. There is no limit of implausible events. I kept finding myself saying "What, were did that come from?". I'd go back a few pages trying to find what it was I missed, but no...I didn't miss anything, it was just something pulled out of the air unrelated to anything that preceded it. Or, maybe I DID miss something and it was so boring I couldn't force my mind to absorb the nonsense. I can't imagine how anyone found this book to be of value. I had to delete the book from my kindle before it damaged me.
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