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January 11, 2006
My company has had an automated test team (for regression testing) in place for about 2 years now. Our job is to assist projects with their testing effort and to give added benefit (Side Note: All projects we have taken on have EVENTUALLY praised us for our efforts and relied on our team to take over their regression efforts.). Our team is a diverse collection, not necessarily programmers or even testers, so the initial effort is very impressive. However, as a newbie to the company (only 6 mos. but coming in with 12 years of testing experience but no prior experience with developing an automated test framework), I read this book and found it extraordinary. It recognized all of the pitfalls that we currently are experiencing with new applications coming on board (our current framework is no where near application-independent). Our newest tool is QTP, and I translated the code from the book (and website) into VBScript and made a sample for testing our most recent web application. It works like a champ and the framework is so easy. I have presented it to our automation team for review. I am confident that they will find this methodology should be the basis for each new project we take on. If you don't have a background in testing or any automated testing background, you will have nothing to compare this methodology to and so, it's strengths may not be easily realized. As well, if you do not have to support the testing of multiple applications, the same holds true. I am writing this basically hoping that Daniel can give me more insight into implementing this strategy into a QTP environment. Right now, I have a big main action that holds all of the "DDScripts". If this methodology could be translated into a QTP environment in a more structured way then I am sure to be the queen of all automated testing at my company!
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