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Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2015
In light of the fact that the long lost first version of this story is coming out, I have decided to sit down and reread this book. I am so glad I did. What a joy to read, it was like revisiting an old friend. I had the opportunity to refresh my memory in the funny parts and the sad parts and the brave parts and the scary parts.

I have always associated this book with the trail and the story of the father defending a black man. This must come from my vague memories of watching the movie in the classroom.

However, I realized that I missed this whole 'nother story' of the Boo Radley and Jem and Scout. This sub story really brought home the feel of small town southern life with the fear of the house and the man in the house because he's not known, like everything else around them.

Additionally, the details that you can read about in the book that make things seem more real or believable stuck out at me. The flowers in the corner of the lot were Mayelle lives brings home the misery of the small home she lives in and makes everything all that more understandable in some sad way. Dill with his stories of life 'back home' helps bring home how really lucky Jem and Scout are with their father. And many other countless examples.

It is things like this that made this book a classic and have kept it a classic. It is the great writing and the story told through Scout's eyes that bring it all together to make this the book that brought home the times and the culture to a nation (and now a generation) who might never have otherwise seen it.

Well worth the money and well worth reading and rereading.
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