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Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2018
So far, I love this book!

The beginning of it goes into detail about how the book was written to provide maximum comprehension and retention, which is cool. I skipped this part and go to the meat of the book starting with the duck example. Their method is working very well because the Strategy pattern couldn't be any clearer. I understand it well enough to even implement a variation of the pattern in Ruby.. And I also spent time thinking about how to implement this in Javascript. I'm moving on to learning about the Observer pattern.

I've tried many times to understand many of these patterns but, again, a single well written book trumps reading 1000 articles across the web.

It helps to have a strong understanding of OO basics before diving into patterns though. So in addition to being a well written book I believe I'm also just very ready for this topic.

The book says it's not for people who don't use Java or C#, but I ignored that and I'm glad I did.
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