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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2019
So first let's start off with the light and not the technology. it's great wonderful colors that you can get on these bulbs and that's the best part about it. Going down to probably what is 2200 k That's a really warm orange color that allows you to really feel relaxed especially when dim down. And then you can scale that up to somewhere around 4,000 k or something a little more stimulating or if you really need some kind of bright bright color turn all the way up to 6500 k. I love that aspect about this bulbs and that's the best thing about them.

Now it's dive into why this only gets three stars. first I almost want to give this 1 and 1/2 stars for the false advertising. this does not work with the Google Assistant which is stated in this Amazon listing as well as printed on the box. It does not work with the Google Assistant. It only works with the Google home. Only way that this works with the Google Assistant is to get the Philips hub. Anyone that's buying the Bluetooth is buying it because I don't want the hub. so if I could give this two and a half stars I would because I don't like false advertising and I bought these because I wanted it to work with my Google Assistant and not have to get the hub.

Second multiple user setup is very complicated even for someone like me running my own tech company setting up advanced networks. there's conflicting information out there and I actually had to call Phillips to figure this out because even he had to ask an advanced tech because they had conflicted information in the office.

To summarize, this is a subpar beta product that should never have been released to the public. Don't advertise that it works with something when it doesn't. and for the price of these bulbs it better work with the Google Assistant and have much more seamless setup. That said, everything is in context and then the smart light world there isn't anything great yet so this is why I bumped it up to three stars and because I really do like the color and the lighting and that's where Phillip's really does come through
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