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Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2017
I'm interested in psychological trauma and PTSD. This was an okay film. the ending twisted slightly, on a more positive note than could be expected, which was good because it was one dismal, gloomy cloud of despair after another.

Also this, I don't mind sexual humor at all, it's great, except when it isn't... A real line from the script "You like my my thick head." "Yes I do, both of them, but it's this thick head that tears my @$$ up." I sort-off cringed at this moment, because, was cringe-worthy.

It was so out of place in the movie overall. Other than that, get ready for a lot of bad limping (guess which leg is injured type of limping) and a lot of hitting stuff and embarrassed looking anger. Not the rage that boils up from trauma, but the type that is generated for show.
We also see him digging in dumpsters, showing off his trigger readiness, breaking stuff, staring at water, taking pills, and having a bad attitude.Oh, and applying for, and being turned down for jobs. If you are interested in PTSD, it is okay...
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