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Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2017
When John Dempsy came into being, a Tier One Operator was lost to his family. Jack was having a hard time letting go of his wife and son( they believed he was DEAD)!!
In the last book Jack was after what he thought was an Al-Queda group but it was in actuality an Iranian Be Vack group that was on a mission to Destroy any SEAL TEAM available. The SEALS were able to foil their plot( that time),but VEVACK was Not to be deterred. Their next target was the UNITED NATIONS in NYC!!! Jack and his team( including the FBI HRT THE) foil that plan as well, killing the older brother of the head of Ve Back( needless to say He was Pissed Off)! He vowed that he would kill the leader of team that had killed his older brother!!!!! He set in motion a trap that was devious in the extreme!! World was leaked that there was to be a meeting of the highest Al Queda members around the Middle East, a tease that could Not be ignored!! The SEALS were sent in to attack from the sea and from the mountains behind the villa where this meeting was to take place. The Iranians had troops replaced where they were supposed to attack. Jack had been injured in the attack on the UN and was not available to go on the attack, instead he was sent to the advanced TOC, where the Ve Vack had embedded a suicide vest wearing young man. When he got word of the arts k he was to blow himself up next to the TOC killing everyone in or near the building. Jack had just stepped out and walked about 50 yards away when the explosion went off, killing most of the people inside and a few outside. Jack was injured quite severely and advanced to GERMANY to recover.He was inducted into an OGA AS Mr. JOHN DEMPSY, where he became Operations Special Director. Jack found out that one of the Mujahideen that had killed two of his team members was coming out of hiding to embark Vackon a special operation inside the USA. Jack was after his ass!!! No-one was getting eye away with that!!! Jack traced him from Iraq to Guatamala where a Ve agent got Hezbollah to train Issis suicide squad to go into USA. Jack and friends took the training site apart kilWwwling most of the cadre, but finding out where they were supposed to enter.
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