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Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2017
Bought this backpack for a 7 week business/personal combo vacation through Europe. Not a backpacking trip, to be totally clear. The backpack is a good size, but there are a couple of things about it that I do not like after the trip.

1) The small zipper for the pouch in the front straight up broke on me - zipper still on the track, but the teeth are so mangled they no longer hold together. I barely used this particular pouch and this still happened. Not sure how much longer the others will hold out.

2) The USB cable inside the backpack is extremely annoying to deal with. There's only one or two good places within the backpack to put a battery, and when plugged in you can't access anything else within the backpack because the cord is in your way. This also prevents you from taking out the laptop in the bag (at least where i put my battery). When not in use, there's nowhere to put it so it also gets in the way. Very very annoying.

3) The two pouches on the sides of the backpack (what I would call water bottle pockets) are tapered on the bottom and not flat. My water bottle did not fit well and would move around. Also, any meaningful sized water bottle will cover part of the zipper track, making it hard to unzip and open the backpack all the way which is necessary to remove larger items from the bag (including the laptop).

Overall the backpack was OK, but I would not purchase another one.
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