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Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2019
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper lee is an amazing novel. This book is through the eyes of a young child named jean-louise/scout finch who is a very big tomboy. This book is very good and you end up getting very fond of the characters it almost seems that your growing up with them. As you may know this book is a classic, reading it now the only thing that bothers me is the grammar and the language but in the end i love this book. I highly recommend it for anyone 13 or older because it can be inappropriate sometimes but it's a classic for a reason. This book is very fun to read and see the life of the 1930s. Scout and her older brother Jem grow up in different ways and later in the book jem starts discluding scout from the games he does. In this book you can see how racist people were and how much the world has changed. To kill a mockingbird is about racism and some slavery as well this book really gets it’s thought across of how unfair life was during the early 1900’s. Scout also gets to experience school and how strict they were back than to the point where she was hit with a ruler. Scout growing up realizes that life isn't always perfect like it was when she was younger. This book has wide examples of racism and it's very hard to read about it seeing the world now but to me that's just one con of many pros. I believe the themes to To kill a mockingbird are racial injustice. There are some serious problems including racial injustice and rape. [SPOILER] in this book there is a trail about a black man named Tom robinson accused for rape even with no proof and him stating what actually happened he still was considered guilty. I believe this book could also be considered a mystery because in the book the kids including Jem, Scout, and their friend DIll harris are trying to find out what Boo radley looks like, boo radley was a convict for murder and was in house arrested and the kids always tried to get him to come out of the house. This book can be a mystery and other ways as well, In the book scout one day walking home from school saw a few treats hidden in a tree she kept coming back to the tree seeing all these treats and stealing them, she always wondered who put them there though.
In the end I believe that this book deserves it's tittle of being a classic. This book may have a slow start until it becomes interesting but after that it is just a all around great book. I really believe that seeing two sibling who very much acted the same and were very close grow up and become more protective of each other and different in their own ways, I quickly realized how engaging this book is the more you read of it and that's why I believe this is a very good novel.
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