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Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2018
As a longtime supporter of Mr. Labossiere, I really enjoy his books for their conversational style and his refreshing perspective as a male relationship coach who believes in God. The book is a fairly quick read compared to his other books but it's to the point. I'm not married but marriage minded so this book has pertinent information including the seven basic needs men look for in their wives which was great. The book started very strong but overall it fell flat for me. He made many strong claims, most of which make sense. It seemed to be one dimensional primarily of you do this - you benefit the man in this way. I get the purpose of the book was to guide women to do better to be cherished by their men, but it doesn't clearly explain how women specifically benefit from doing these things. It was vaguely mentioned he will do more around the house.

The parts of the book regarding femininity, nuture and submission were very one sided as to how men benefit but very little was mentioned as to how women benefit. It could be been more well rounded. He mentioned Eve and Delilah who are more known for doing the wrong thing. Lol, it would be made more sense to mention Queen Esther vs. Queen Vashti, even Ruth or Jezebel to better exemplify the right and wrong way feminine energy can be used. Most of the information for me was common sense but for many modern women, it just makes more sense to mention the many ways femininity benefits women so they don't see doing more for their men as a chore. The argument of submission is easy: everyone submits! I feel he was a bit redundant in stressing submission is the order of things. Personally, I have no issue with it because I know it actually goes both ways. I seen it exemplified in my parents who have been married 35 yrs. My parents are ministers so they taught me what the bible teaches. It could've helped to share societal impact on how women think given new waves of feminism and the state of the world. There are many factors not explored for the women who don't have positive examples (same for men). Also, the sex part. I don't think being critical is the way to go. Women tend to view attraction differently than men. Also, I've been friends with men I was attracted to and I knew they were attracted to me but they had a relationship and I respect myself. Sex is a sensitive topic for most people and it isn't casually discussed the way everything else is. Sure, for more experienced people it makes sense. It's a better idea to discuss sex beforehand or show the person your desires which is better than critiquing. Women mostly will see sex as a chore if it doesn't benefit them. Men are more action oriented. I think the book has good intent and pushes buttons but we need to know if medicine tastes bad how it can benefit is directly as well. Perhaps reading all of his books, everything makes more sense but there needs to be context. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with the book but feel the approach could be more inclusive of *how* women are cherished. Women can actually set themselves up to be taken advantage of especially if they are with the wrong guy. Research proves marriage benefits men more than women although rhetoric of new pro-marriage platforms would say otherwise. Not to be picky, but I purchased the download through his website and the e-book has several typos. Ladies should consider reading his other books first before reading this book.
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