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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2015
I did a bunch of research before getting this, so I'll give my honest review. Having used this for several beach trips over a couple years, I seriously don't know how I ever got by without it. A couple notes I have on it:

1) Its easier to setup with two people. Doable with one person. It packs up incredibly small and light, but the trade off is its not as easy as an umbrella for initial setup
2) However it beats out a beach umbrella in that once its setup and you set your stuff in it, there is no more fiddling. Umbrellas constantly need to be readjusted and can blow over. Not so with the Beach Shade.
3) I angle it so the back of the structure is a bit into the wind. This allows the wind to blow through it when you open the back for a nice cross breeze. And its much stronger and more aerodynamic than taking the wind from the side or head on where it would catch in the door of it. I'm surprised the instructions don't talk about how to position this optimally in the wind.
4) Size easily fits two backpack beach chairs with enough room for a cooler bag and other odds and ends. I think its could accommodate three adults but it'd be pushing it. 2 adults + (1 or 2) kids would probably be ok.
5) There is a line to hang your towel from. I've also set my boogie board on the front awning

A couple of my favorite user stories:

1) Were at the beach and got caught in a light rain storm. Everyone ran for cover but my wife and I waited it out in the Beach Shade and it was great to watch the rain and have the beach to ourselves!
2) My wife is pregnant and the beach would have not been possible without this as a place to get shade.
3) In general you get so much more time on the beach with this Beach Shade. Its like a home base and I feel like setting it up is a great "claimer" socially and psychologically. Typically people won't set up that close to it because for some reason there is like a social "marking territory" thing about it? Also while we are in the water we'll zip up the front of it and I feel as though people are less likely to open a tent and rummage through it. I know its not physically more secure than anything else, but socially or physiologically I think it works out to be a more secure place to have your belongings
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