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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2004
This unit is a fine unit, but is not a compatible device for most business users. If you are a Palm fan, then I'd highly recommend it. I heard the buzz about the T3, read the reviews and bought the unit. Having been a PPC user, I was amazed at how fast this unit is. I was shocked to find it is very difficult to mate easily with MS applications and network environments. The Bluetooth paired with my PC and Phone with limited issues. What I could not do is transfer files easily using bluetooth from my T3 to my computer w/o using Palm Desktop. PPC's make that a snap from the PC to the handheld and vice versa. Pocket PC's are more of a business-friendly unit and the BT on these allow you to do more with less hassle than the T3. The battery life is a killer concern. I couldn't get the T3 to last a weekend of use w/o the cradle charger. My PPC lasted the entire weekend w/o any issues. If you are looking for a seamless unit that synchs data between your PC and your handheld, look at a PocketPC. The T3 is primarily for die-hard Palm fans that can tolerate a lot of configuring and tweaking to get it to do what a handheld is primarily used for.
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