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Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2015
Are your blissful drives being annihilated by that famous "Chevy Exhaust Tick"? Well if this just happens to be you (don't feel bad, I was there too...) the solution to your problems may just be here! My All-American Chariot featuring Chevy's 6.0 Liter V8 just happened to not be as special as I had previous thought. Turns out it has many of the same issues that most Chevy 6.0 V8's have such as the all too common issue of the Exhaust manifold bolts not being able to handle all of that raw uncensored power. Two of the manifold bolts on the Drivers side rear of the engine had came to their demise leaving a tick screaming "fix me". My mechanic gave me a prognosis that stopped me dead in my tracks and my wallet running for cover. Turns out to fix this the ol' fashion way you better be ready to fork over quite a few greenbacks. Just the thought of shelling out so many of those Big Benjamin's left me consulting my 2nd favorite Mechanic: Google! Little bit of research online and I was starting to feel a little better about this situation I was in. Turns out I had just joined an "elite" group of individuals all connected by that rhythmic ceremonial event, and hey misery loves company right?! Well don't be miserable too long there my friend, Turn that Frown Upside down and get your fix on! This little black wonder has me questioning for the first time whether size really does matter.


If your afraid of getting a little dirt under your nails, My friend this piece of hardened steel is not for you. Go back to your pajama party singing "hollaback girl" with all your little sissie friends. If your ready to get down and dirty and install this little wonder I can promise you one thing: This thing will put you in more awkward positions than that 9th grade wine cooler party that had you playing twister with your best friends sister.... You'll first try it from the top reaching down, then you'll try reaching up from the bottom only to find that either way, this is not going to be as easy as it looked. One suggestion I can share with you (one that I won't admit to being from experience...) is to wait quite a few hours after you've drove your beast. I mean Hell, I'll be the first to admit, Whether it's All-American Buffalo Wings or my choice in Shotgun Riders I like it hot! But this my friend is not one of those situations, so just tame your excitement of getting your Red White & Blue petroleum guzzling beast back on the road and spend some time doing some manly stuff while you wait.

After you start trying to get this little bugger on I can promise you that you'll be glad you waited cuz let me tell you, you'll need some patience to get this thing on. But don't worry, unless your the type that needs to stop halfway through and go get your "Pumpkin Spice Latte" you'll get it on there! After your finished and it's all bolted up you'll be feeling like $1000 bucks! No Really, You will, cuz that's pretty darn close to how much you might of spent if you took your prized pick-em-up truck to the dealer...
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