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Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2017
Ok, my parents openly laughed at me for buying this when my baby was a few months old. They thought I was scared to touch my baby's butt. Let me tell you, I've touched a lot of bad stuff since my baby was born - a clean butt doesn't scare me.

The fact is, this little spatula is a great idea if you have a squirmy baby. It makes applying desitin or aquaphor faster, just one or two swipes, it goes on more evenly, and it doesn't take your hand out of order if the baby attempts an escape. Once he starts to roll, you can just stick the wand with the diaper cream on it to the table, grab the baby with both hands, readjust and then apply. Clean hands the whole time.

My sister in law saw it and once I explained what it was for immediately said she wanted one. Not only did I recommend it, I ordered her one as a gift.
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