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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2019
This is ALMOST perfect, IMO. I am a first gen cube user and loved the tight integration with echo built-in. I loved the cube so much it actually convinced me to cut the cord and leave cable TV altogether in favor of Playstation Vue Live TV streaming. I bought 3 of the 1st gen, one for each TV in the house, and never looked back.

Over the last year with the 1st gen model, it started to slow down as more items were installed. Not really sure why or how but it was slow and I frequently had to restart the device to get Vue working reliably. Enter this version 2 cube. Everything on it is snappy and so much more quicker than the gen 1 model ever was. I timed Vue opening on both devices and the old model took 24 seconds to get to the main screen while the new one got to the same point in less than 12 seconds flat. Awesome.

And everything from moving in the menu, going into settings, running Silk, just seems faster and more smooth.

The only negative, and to me its a big one.......It is still running Micro USB for the ethernet dongle which limts its capability to 100MBs speed! They were redoing the whole thing, new SoC, 4k, everything, and they left the maximum wired connection to 100MBs, just makes no sense to me. They could have put a USB3 or USB-C port in there and allowed a gigabit ethernet connection, removing any possibility of slow streaming. My guess is that they bet on most people using wireless which is fast and getting faster; the problem with som many wireless routers is consistent connectivity. This is why so many of us would want to go wired.

Now, to be fair, I have not experienced any delays or inconsistent wireless connections but I do this for a living and know how to setup routers to be reliable, most people don't.

The only other issue I have is when I use the Android Fire TV remote control app, i lost the volume control buttons. They are still there when i connect to the 1st gen devices but not this 2nd gen cube. In speaking with Amazon support they advised it is not a feature available on the new device (going backwards?).

Other than these drawbacks, in my opinion, the device is awesome and exactly what I was looking for in a streaming box.

Now, if they can just release a large format Fire Tablet to compete against the 12.9 iPad, I'd be happy.
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