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Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2018
What this device does:
-Takes the analog 480i component signal coming from your Wii and converts it to a digital 480p signal, which it then outputs over HDMI
What this device does NOT do:
-converts your standard Wii video signal to a standard digital HD 720p/1080p over HDMI that works on every TV

Whatever you plug your Wii into with this device (TV, Monitor, or Capture Card), make sure that it supports 480p over HDMI. Otherwise, you will either need to get a different device, or you will need to separately purchase an HDMI upscaler in order for it to work. The Wii does not support HD natively, so if you want to play your Wii games in HD, get a Wii U.

I made the mistake of not checking whether my monitor supported 480p over HDMI before plugging it in, and surprise surprise, it didn't work. That's on me, not the people who made this. I eventually found a TV that supported 480p over HDMI, and it worked fine. A lot better quality video than the standard composite cables that come bundled with the Wii, but also more convenient than component cables that not every new TV or Capture Card supports these days.
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