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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2017
I love many aspects of this product and so desperately wish I could call it a flawless product but, unfortunately, it's flawed as well. I think the color this product provides is terrific. I absolutely love it! I get compliments all the time and am continually asked where I've been on vacation. The coloring is that good. It's not "orangey" like a lot of sunless tanners. Bottom line is that the tan it provides is really natural looking. It also smells great, which is an added bonus. As most people can attest whom have lots of experience with self/sunless tanners, the smell of some of these products is really much so that I've tried a number of these products that actually provide nice color but the smell is unacceptable and can ultimately be a deal killer. For some, this smell permeates everything and is just awful. Thankfully, this product gets a 5/5 stars for smell. I'd also give it a 5/5 stars for the actual color/tan that it provides.

Now, the biggest downer of it all and the reason I have to give this product an overall 4/5 stars is that you will become an awful mess if you break a sweat or get wet. Don't even think about going into a pool or the ocean...especially a pool because all the water around you will start to turn brown and we all know what that will look like. So don't sweat and don't get caught in the rain because you will have problems. I hate that even if I break a small sweat, which for me is near my temples and the top of my forehead at my hairline, the color will start to drip off my face...a real bummer indeed! My face essentially becomes streaked and it's really embarrassing. I actually carry a dark hand towel and another bottle of the tanner in the glove compartment in my car for emergencies. When this happens you have to be able to wipe all the smeared color off your face and re-apply more tanner to look normal again. Also, forget about wearing white clothes too. I won't wear white shirts because the color smears on to the collar even without sweating.

In the end, if you can stay completely dry, this product is fantastic! It's the best self-tanner that I have ever found. There are tanners out there that don't come off when you sweat or get wet and don't transfer to your clothes but I've never found one that's as good as this product. That said, I plead and implore Fake Bake to read this and hear my voice and act on this review. I beg them to fix this problem because if they do, they will easily get 5/5 stars all day long. They'd have the best product out there, hands down!
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