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Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2018
I love the storyline…finding Jamie alive and living as a printer and Seditionist as well as the path Jamie took after the Battle of Colluden on April 16th, 1746. Claire’s combing through Scotland’s history, with the help of Roger and Brianna binds the three of them to the past and perhaps their future... I love the history that is factually intertwined with this story. The actual Scottish Highlander clans Fraser, Mackenzie, Campbell, Macnab and so on bring alive the rising of ‘45 and the Scottish people in a way that makes you want to visit, not only today but also back during the 1800’s.

Such a marvelous adventure and storyline emerges as Claire goes back through the stones, to seek out Jamie and the life she was forced to leave behind. From Scotland, to France and then on to Jamaica as Claire and Jamie seek to find and rescue young Ian. Life as sea is treacherous for the pair and a challenge to reach the West Indie alive. Fate seems destined to bring together certain people from Claire’s first trip through the stones and her second trip back. New characters emerge along with old friends and family at each step of their journey. Diana Gabaldon has new twists tucked up her sleeve at every turn, she will keep you guessing and reading until very late at night.

Reading these amazing books (1, 2 & 3) made me yearn to see the characters again so I started binge watching the Starz show in tandem with this book. I had watched it the first time only a few weeks ago. It sometimes made it hard to remember what has happened in one based on where I am in the other but it feeds my need to see the story come alive as well as reading ahead to get to the part of the story where season 4 of the Starz show will begin in November. I've binge watched some amazing historical shows (Game of Thrones, The Crown, Victoria, Reign, Versailles, Turn) and while I loved them all, I was not drawn to watch any twice or read the books. Outlander is by far the best, to the exclusion of all else! In one month, I have read the first three books and am on my second viewing of the Starz show.

On to book 4, Drums of excited to see what life in the colonies has in store for Claire and Jamie! And maybe Brianna and Roger, I am guessing!! Fergus and his new wife were left behind in Jamaica which leaves me wondering at this change from the show and how and when they will reunite in Georgia or maybe North Carolina! What an amazing ride thanks to a very creative and talented writer who can not only bring it all alive, but draw you into the story in a way that doesn’t let you go!!
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