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Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2016
I can't believe that these authors actually read Octavia Butler. I see no story with believable, coherent vision. The characters are flat. The plots of the stories are trite. It almost looks like "fan fiction." You can get away with this in fan fic but not in this collection. There is nothing wrong with fan fic. But it relies heavily on already developed characters. None of the character development in this book has that luxury. The stories are unsatisfying. The overwhelming thoughts i am left with is of a dark, post apocaleptic future with simplistic "vision". There is nothing bright or possible bright about the futures in this book. Where are they authors going? The extrapolation applies to now - not to a future built on rethinking anything.
In short if you loved the direction of Octavia Butler and want some heartfelt futures, don't buy this book. I love science fiction and rarely write reviews. I've been reading it for over 40 years. I decided to say something about this book. It is a huge disappointment.
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