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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2020
Long review incoming, but worth it if you're as deep into mattress research as I was.

A few weeks ago, we bought a new mattress (different brand) from Amazon and it was a total flop. It didn't expand to even half its size and it was incredibly uncomfortable. Amazon Customer Service was AMAZING, so though we were frustrated with the fact that the mattress didn't work out, dealing with returning/refunds and all that was a breeze.

Fast forward to last week, and my boyfriend and I are researching mattresses like we're becoming experts in the field. I'd looked into the other one we got fairly well, it had over 90% 5-star ratings, but it was awful. We had our old queen mattress stacked on top of our new king frame, and we were staying up until 10 or 11 at night just researching mattresses. I didn't know what reviews to trust because so many brands had a high number of five star reviews, but the same was true for the first mattress we bought and it turned out to be a mistake.

We decided we'd try one more time, and then if we ran into similar issues, we'd just deal with that mattress until COVID restricts were lessened/lifted and we felt comfortable going directly to a mattress store and buying something direct. We searched for hours, read articles, read reviews both on and off Amazon, did BBB searches and got word of mouth reviews, and everything led us back to Casper as a potentially trustworthy brand to invest in.

So we gave it a shot.

Our mattress arrived today, and though we haven't slept on it yet, we're already much happier with what we received. Within minutes of unpacking it, it'd already expanded to about 8/10 inches, and now it's sitting at just shy of the 10, only a few hours after unpacking. I've seen people complaining about the mattress being lopsided, curved corners, not expanding, etc. and we haven't had ANY of those issues.

I laid on it for a little bit just to see how it felt and it's heavenly. It springs back and has got give, but it's not too soft. I would say that "medium firm" is a good description for this bed. Not too soft/hard in my opinion. I know people report that it's comfy at first, but gets worse so I'm planning to update my review in a month or two with an update to see if the same happens to us.

Now, the smell.

This is where you can believe what you read, this bed does come with a pretty bad off gassing smell. I was able to smell it just as my bf brought it up the stairs, and he hadn't even removed it from the bag yet. Once he pulled it off, the smell got noticeably worse and we were able to smell it from my office which is kiddy-corner to our bedroom. We opened the bedroom window in order to help air it out some. I will say this, it isn't a rancid smell, like something you can't be around, it's just not a great smell. It puts me in the mind of the back corner of a warehouse or a dank basement where all the stuff is shoved that no one has touched in MONTHS. It's strong, but it comes and goes, and like I said, it's not like smelling trash or sewage backup or something that would make your stomach turn, it's just unpleasant. I sprayed some smell good stuff in the hallway outside my office and I can barely smell it now. If you have a candle or incense or something, plan to use it if you sit close to this bed. The weird thing is, when I went and actually laid on the bed, I couldn't really smell it a whole lot. It's definitely going away, but it is pretty bad out of the box.

I'm prepared to upgrade this review from four to five stars if I find that it A. remains comfortable. B. the smell goes away, and C. expands this last inch to get to its full height. My hope is that I will be diligent enough to update this review in a month or two and then again in six to eight months with how its holding up. I know mattresses are supposed to last much longer, but if we can just get a good year out of it until we can actually go and test some mattresses in person (and maybe spend a little more on a really good one), I'll be happy. I realize that's low standards, but you have to have them sometimes when you're buying blind on the internet.

Here's to updating again soon!
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