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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2019
My oh my oh my. I loved this one. When the previous book in the series, Battle of the Labyrinth, was all set-up to Last Olympian, I was worried Riordan wouldn’t stick the landing or it wouldn’t be satisfying enough.

I was wrong.

I think about two thirds of this book was all the battle that the entire series has been building to, which was so smart because it made it feel so big and important. There was no last minute gotchas, no subverting the fighting and attrition the war needed. If delivered on the big and epicness that has been promised since book one.

My only complaint, and it isn’t big enough to detract from my rating, is just the same one I have for every book in this series. I don’t love Riordan’s writing. I think he needs to slow down and take his time. I’m not saying turn these in to 600 page books, but just add 50 pages to the thing and give us some details and descriptions. Middle grade is plenty able to have depth and I just hope his future series have that in mind.

But, for The Last Olympian, I think Riordan outdid himself. This is clearly the best book in the series, and an incredibly satisfying conclusion to everything preceding it. 5 stars.
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