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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2018
Overall, I really like the keyboard but it's far from "perfect". Although, everyone has different tastes for what they want in a keyboard.

It has the typical excellent Apple quality. I'm so happy they finally released a full size keyboard with number pad that is Bluetooth. I recently upgraded to a 2017 MacBook Pro that only has USB-C connectors. So, the more wireless devices I use with it, the better. Otherwise I generally deal with multiple dongles since not too many devices yet have USB-C cables.

I've used non-Apple bluetooth keyboards before but they almost always are "Windows" keyboards and thus have different "command" keys and the function keys don't work to adjust things like brightness, media playback, etc. So, it's nice using an external keyboard from which I can still control those things.

It does not have replaceable batteries so that's kind of a bummer but the internal battery seems to last a long time. I've had it for a couple months now and haven't had to charge it yet.

A few things are keeping me from giving this a full 5 star rating.
* I wish it had flip out feet so you could adjust the angle. It sits almost flat. It works ok but ideally I'd like a little more of an angle.
* The keys - I'll admit they are better than the new keys on the MacBook Pro, but still not the best. Ideally I'd like nice mechanical keys with some travel to them.
* Backlighting - I know this would kill the battery faster, but it would be nice to have the option. I like to work in a rather dark room and having backlit keys would be great.

These are more a personal preference in a keyboard than an issue with this keyboard itself. Right now, it seems to be the best keyboard (for me) to use with my MacBook Pro.
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