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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2013
In one of the biggest (and greatest) Legend of Zelda games of all time, our hero embarks on one of the most epic and unexpected adventure imaginable.
Our story begins in the land of Hyrule in the small village of Ordon. A young man of seventeen embarks on a journey to save his friends, others, and ultimately the entire land, when evil from the land of Twilight envelopes the kingdom, turning it into perpetual twilight, where light ceases to exist...

Play as either Link or Wolf Link as you progress through the game. (Note: Towards the beginning of the game, you will not have a choice. Gameplay will follow a specific pattern until a certain point. Then you will be able to transform at will.) Also, (as in previous Loz games), you can name your character (and your horse) whatever you choose. (For simplicity, I will just refer to him as Link.) As Wolf Link, use your instincts (senses) to discover hidden objects and areas. As Link, use an assortment of weapons and gadgets, ranging from your classic array of arrows and bombs to new ones like the spinner. (Don't worry, I won't tell you what it does.)

Defeat a variety of enemies, solve puzzles, and explore both familiar lands (like Gerudo Desert, Kakariko Village, and Lake Hylia) and new lands in a whole new way. Not only is the scope of this game extraordinary, but it is also simply beautiful and breathtaking in its details. (I thought "Ocarina of Time" was amazing, but there is no comparison between the two when it comes to this aspect. "Twilight Princess wins hands down.

Speaking of which, I can not say whether this is the best LoZ game or not. In my humble opinion, it is my favorite so far. (I have only played about three or four other LoZ games.) Anyway, it is a fun game that will not disappoint. I have enjoyed every moment of this game and will probably play it over again.

"Twilight Princess" is rated Teen for Animated Blood and Fantasy Violence. Some bosses might be scary or difficult for some. Puzzles can be somewhat difficult for younger ones (tweens and young teens). (Hey, you might find them difficult yourself.) If you are worried about the game content or looking for an age guide to this game, it is highly recommended you look up parent reviews for this game to determine if this is right for you and your family.

Overall, just a really fun and exciting game.
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