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Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2013
These small birds would warn the miners of toxic fumes with their smaller resistance and rapid decline. Foster children as our most vulnerable members, warn us of the changes of national issues such as unemployment and health care. These are children who have no other safe options than state care. This book explores the larger issues, but illustrates them with individual stories of children in different phases of the system.

Infants come with their own vulnerabilities, but also with the most options. As desirable objects for adoption, the rights and advantages of preserving the family must be weighed against the hope of a new permanent family. As the child ages, so do their options and the memory of the birth family becomes more compelling. Finally, a child "aging out" at 18 or 21, runs great risk of leaving shelter with no meaningful back up or preparation. They are less likely to be prepared for independence, and they lack that great American fall back of moving home.

A society must be judged by its treatment of the least of its citizens. In this case, the outcome of our endeavors is vital to the whole country. It behoove sinus all to consider the facts and opinions presented in this book. The author's prose enables the reader to undertake the task with pleasure. The characters are fascinating and present conundrums that have left me pondering well past the last page.
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