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Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2020
As a person, I like to read all types of books.
As a mother, I like to read books my daughter is required to read (or chooses) ~~ it gives us something to talk about, and excites her to read more 🤗
As an animal lover, I like to read books that encourage rescue & paint a picture for all ages to see about the way some humans can treat innocent animals.
We both LOVED “The One & Only Ivan” ~ so I preordered three total copies of “The One & Only Bob” {2 as gifts and 1 for my daughter/me}.

I finished it in one sit-down.

Applegate does a great job, again, adding subtle hints in her books for “how to treat others” - and not just with lines as “be kind to others” or “help one another” and “don’t judge a book by its cover” ~~ she does this all in such perfect story telling ways, with all of her characters. It brings a smile to my face & heart. = it gives my daughter and I more topics to talk about and for me to add on to Applegate’s words and say “so you see the lesson or point here?....” 😉

Start with “Ivan” if you haven’t read it yet.
Then enjoy “Bob”.

I really am hoping 🤞🏼 for the next one...”The One & Only Ruby” 🐘 🤗

{P.S. the ending is my favorite part ♥️}
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