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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019
UPDATE: I absolutely must commend the team at Blink. For me, their recent flurry of software updates have resolved pretty much every issue I have had. I still wish that, overall, the ranges were greater, but my signal strength is now rock-solid (even without using my range extender). Live view works exactly as I expected and motion detection seems much more dialed in. It really feels like the system I expected.

In addition, I can't say enough about their customer service. Though the experience was initially frustrating, having both Efrain, (from customer service) as well as Peter, (their founder and GM) reach out to me to ensure that the software updates were working and to offer support on any other issues has really impressed me. Several years back, I went through a similar issue with a 1st generation coffee bean grinding coffee maker. The company that made the machine responded similarly to Blink and I have always said I would buy from them again in a heartbeat as long as they remain committed to that level of support. I can now say the same thing of Blink.

So, in summation, still wish wi-fi was a tad more powerful, but thanks to Blink's persistence and impressive customer support, I feel like I now have the system I was expecting.

UPDATE: Like a few others, I have revised my review because the founder of Blink has reached out to me, as has the Blink support team, which has left me very impressed with their customer service when it comes to dealing with the launch challenges. In addition, while there are still challenges, (like erratic live connection and motion tracking), the system has stabilized significantly for me. I DID end up purchasing a range extender, which left me a little chaffed at the added cost to obtain functionality, but the company's response to my issues has left me legitimately "wowed" and willing to continue to take this journey with them.

I will post additional updates as things continue to develop.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Really wanted to like the XT2 based on price, ease of use, no ongoing fees, etc., but it's mostly been a dud so far. Live view almost never works, motion detection seems to not pick up on things when armed, and it can barely get two bars on internet connection when my phone (and any other device I've tried) gets almost full bars in the same area. I should also add that there's very little that makes it clear in advance that the cameras need to not only have good reception with the sync module, but also your wi-fi (Which makes the point of the sync module what, again?). I have ordered a range extender (additional cost) to see if I can resolve it, but I'm not hopeful based on other devices doing just fine in that area. Makes it particularly doubtful that this thing could handle additional cameras, when it can't seem to deal with one. Unless there are some firmware updates coming that make any of this better, I cannot recommend the Blink XT2 and am considering this a $100 lesson learned.
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