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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2019
I was concerned that the A5 might not be enough machine for our needs. I was concerned that this might not be a good solution because it seems like the whole tech industry has moved away from software-based fax on PCs (and for no apparent reason). I was mildly encouraged by the fact that this device's 4 and 5 star reviews come from folks who seem to be legitimately tech-savvy, while its 2 and 1 star reviews come from folks who obviously aren't. We were pretty desperate to achieve a paperless fax solution in one of our offices so I risked the money and time required to try this thing.

Setup was ridiculously easy. I downloaded the CIMFax software from their website, not from the included CDROM. I made it grab an IP Address via DHCP. The software found it on the network automagically.

It works great. The thing is as reliable, as a raw fax device, as the HP MFP devices we were looking to replace with a paperless solution.

It works great. The software doesn't have to be running on the PC for faxes to be reliably received, it just has to be running to notify any terminal users of faxes received.

It works great. The faxes come into the PC in PDF Format. The faxes sent out can be multiple documents glommed into one outgoing fax operation.

It works great, recovering from voice calls and partial faxes or error-condition faxes where some problem occurred on the sender-side.

This thing is just phenomenal.
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