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Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2013
Most of the book is classic brilliant Maguire. Many reviewers cite there is a bit too much aimless wandering amongst the characters. Perhaps. But better that than hiding in one place for 400 pages and going nowhere. It does give a nice tour of Oz, allowing us to explore the sights a bit. The only quibble I have with the book is end. It peters out in such an unsatisfactory manner - worse than any Michael Crichton novel. He takes the most interesting and powerful character he has written and squanders her. There is no real ending, no hope, no future. No epilogue other than "Nevermind. I am just not going to bother to do anything ever again." WHY did I invest in the character if in the end I am left with nothing? Not even a good cry. I would rather he killed her off than have her fade away with no point. I get that he was needing to wrap things up and this was the last book. Maybe that is why when it all shakes down and he is left with an all-powerful witch holding an all-powerful book that only she can read, (and enough characters telling her she ought to perhaps make use of the fact) he decides to have her not bother. Run away and destroy the book. At least leave the poor reader with the idea that MAYBE something cool and amazing happens in the future, even if he doesn't want to bother to write a new book and tell us what it is. Why spoil the fun of anyone with an imagination? If you love the series, avoid the last chapter. Once the Serpent returns for a chat, close the book, walk away, and imagine what you will. Don't let Maguire ruin it for you in the last chapter.
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