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Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2019
"Aboriginals are smarter than Europeans because I saw one working on a machine once and when I went hunting with them I had no idea what I was doing."
- Then why is their tested collective IQ below that of the retardation line?
"IQ tests are biased because they have a largely cultural component."
- Then why do Asians perform better than Americans and Europeans in those same tests?

This author saturated his book with his obvious bias towards the communities he's been living with in an grand effort to make them feel better about not succeeding. He couldn't even substantiate his beginning claims about how Aboriginal Australians are more intelligent than Europeans objectively. He just states a few anecdotes about his experiences and then continues on like he's now established the truth.

No group of people is inherently less deserving of life, but this modern day effort to discredit the accomplishments of European inventors on mere suspicion of "luck" and "geographical location" due to some magic soil alone is disingenuous at best. He discredits every science that doesn't have studies he can cherry pick to fit his narrative and just comes off as an SJW mentioning the word "racist" at least 20 times in the prologue. If you only care about feeling good about humanity and don't want the truth if it's "mean" or "racist" then this book is for you.
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