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Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2018
Have you checked out their ‘Privacy Policy’?
They can (will?):

“Collect and store” information on “your search queries, IP addresses, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request, referral URL, and certain cookies that identify your browser or Account.”

Imbedded web beacons allow their servers certain types of information from your Phone/computer/tablet and to read “when you opened an email message”

Their cookies “May contain information about Device (Device is your phone/computer/tablet) , including “user settings, browsing history, and activities conducted while using the Services.”
And, if you live in California like me they also “do not commit to honoring "Do Not Track" signals in your browser.”

Their definition of Content means any “information, text, graphics, written posts, executive files..,” and “other information matetials generated, provided, uploaded, downloaded, appearing or otherwise accessible on or through Nebula”. So, everything?

Their Privacy Policy also contradicts their Terms in places.

Their Terms indicate:
They’ll collect “the counts of opening certain application”. Not theirs, ‘certain’.

They’ll collect information on your phone/computer/tablet such as hardware and software versions and ‘so on’”. So on?

It’s s great product - super cool packaging, great display, solid interface. But I’m going to return it. It’s like getting a manicure and them rifling through my purse while they do it. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how sparkly my nails turn out...
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