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Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2020
Like most people (who aren't active military or trained athletes), my posture has been questionable for many years, mostly due to common "slouching". I became more aware of my shoulders forward/head down issues when the gyms recently closed, and I took to 5-6 mile walks each day to try and stay in shape (which give you lots of time to think about things, including how bad your posture is.) And being about 5'8", I knew I wasn't maximizing my height (or appearance) by slouching. This corrector was very reasonably priced, with lots of positive reviews, so I thought why not. Glad I did. I wear it during my nearly 2 hour walks each day, and think that a combination of pulling my shoulders back (and therefore my head) AND reminding me to stand straight and tall has really helped. Not only do I complete my walks with MUCH better posture, my body/brain carry the lesson over into the time I'm not wearing it. Bottom line: Posture is both a physical and mental thing. This corrector helps with both, and I like the way I feel when I'm fully upright...which is also a much better look than being all hunched over. Not sure if it'll work miracles for those with significant posture/back problems/pain, but for run of the mill poor posture, it's well worth buying.
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