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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2020
I really liked the other Hunger Games books. However, in this book, there are a lot of problems, and I finally quitting reading it after reading two-thirds of it. There are some redeeming qualities of the book, but they are overshadowed by the problems.
First, there are way too many characters (over 50) to keep track of, and their names are very abstract. All of the names are made up of a scramble of letters, and often are spelled similarly, so it's hard to follow along.
Second, because the main character of this book is evil in the later books (and not likable here), the writer doesn't allow you to be completely invested in the main character. It's the same problem as the Star Wars prequels. In any book, the protagonist who you are seeing the story through has to be a main character that you are rooting for or care about.
Third, and this was one of the big reasons that I was annoyed with this book, it was edited poorly. The paragraphs are not broken up sufficiently, and often you get a huge block of sentences with different topics all crammed together. In some instances, one paragraph would comprise 80% of the entire page. By doing this, along with the other problems mentioned, it feels like you are having to slog through this book.
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