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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2017
I was on the hunt for books to help my son learn the things he needs to know in Preschool. I also wanted him to learn German from an early age. I was ready to buy three different books on the alphabet, numbers and shapes before I found this cute little handbook. It’s actually not that small, with 48 pages and more than 300 words, there is enough material in here to keep my boy busy for hours. Also, the fact that it's bilingual is an added bonus for me. What’s more, there are 18 different concepts in this book, including: (in order).

1) Alphabet - Uppercase
2) Alphabet - Lowercase
3) Numbers - Counting objects from 0-20
4) Numbers - Matching objects to the correct number
5) Colors - 16 different color names
6) Colors - Matching colors to pictures
7) Matching corresponding pictures (The KEY opens the… DOOR)
8) Shapes - Matching silhouettes of shapes to pictures of shapes
9) School - The names of things at school
10) Manners - Love, love, love this page :)
11) Coloring - The names of different colouring implements
12) Crafts - The names of different craft items
13) Music - Names of different instruments
14) Library - What you would find in a library
15) Playground - The names of the equipment
16) Gardening - Names of different gardening tools
17) Biking - The names of parts of a bike
18) Car ride - The names of car parts
19) Grocery store - The 5 food groups
20) Post office - Shows how you get your mail
21) Firefighter - Names of the equipment
22) Police officer - Names of the equipment
23) Doctor - Things you would find in a Dr’s office
24) Dentist - Things you would find in a Dentist’s office
25) Potty Steps - The 8 steps to go potty
26) Brush and Floss - The 8 steps to brush your teeth properly
27) Activity - Kids match 9 different jobs they learned in the book with pictures

I guess this makes it seem like more than 18 concepts, the way I’ve broken it down. There is a lot of variety in this book, and the concepts are a great learning tool. My son had an upcoming dentist appointment, and just going over the dentist page, made him excited to see the see the objects in the dentist’s office. This is my son’s favorite book, and we often have little ‘discussions’ about it. While I think I mentioned that I really love the manners page, perhaps my favourite is the potty page. While my son does know how to use the potty, wiping and washing is a hit or miss. So it’s nice to have these steps broken down for him (I even thought about tearing out this page, and framing it above the toilet). I highly recommend this book to anyone with a preschooler (3-4 year olds) in their house.
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