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Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2018
I've had actual Lychee fruit/berries before. Let me tell you that they are the most annoying fruit I've experienced. Their pit to meat ratio is worse than a mango and the shell is so awkward that if you'll swear they are imported from an alien planet. That being said, the fruit is tasty, IMO, such that after the fruit experience I'm willing to seek out Lychee juice, pre-pitted Lychee in cans, Lychee hard candies, etc.

I've also had Daifuku Mochi before, which is the Japanese terminology for these types of rice cakes. About 3-4 months ago I experienced a milk powder center Daifuku Mochi that was so bland and devoid of flavor and sugar that it was a struggle to not just spit it back out and trow away the rest.

These Royal Family Lychee Flavored Mochi are claiming 35.6g of sugar per, but it is coming through rather bland on my pallet for some reason. I can definitely taste the lychee as well, despite it being only 10% of the ingredient base by volume -but it does not come across in the same enjoyable flavor as the actual fruit do. That being said, they aren't the worst I've experienced, and I'm sure they'd go well with lychee flavored drinks, but the lack of a rich, sweet, refreshing, lychee flavor will not have me feeling an itch to order these again. I'm not sure how there is even 35.6g of sugar in these when at 10g per in Hadson (Toko) Trading's Mandarin Orange Mochi gets their flavor across and it tastes clearly like a sweet mandarin orange. That or there is something they're not adding in preservatives that would lock in the flavor/sugar? I'm baffled.

I'm sure there will be those who prefer the more dulled flavor, but being that I'm used to Kyoshin's Daifuku Mochi, these just don't suit my pallet.

PS - Royal Family sells in only 6 per box/tray vs the typical 8 per box/tray of other brands, as to help you calculate your cost per mochi.
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