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Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2016
Amazing story behind non-locality in physics. It's difficult to try to write a book about quantum mechanics - especially about such counterintuitive phenomenon as quantum entanglement - without using a single equation. It would be a great challenge for everyone who have at least basic technical knowledge on the subject. But George Musser handled it with ease. If this is your first confrontation with quantum entanglement, this book will be difficult to read. If this is your first book about quantum mechanics, then this book probably isn't for you and there are many different basic introductory books about QM for laymen you can choose from. This book is for people, who have at least basic knowledge in the field of quantum mechanics and general relativity and who want to learn what these theories means for spacetime structure and its very existence, when they are combined together. This includes science geeks, amateur physicists, people interested in quantum computing and quantum information, undergraduate and postgraduate students studying this field of physics, as well as some university professors from related fields, and in general all people who want to know, where all the struggles with interpretation of quantum mechanics come from. This book provides many different interpretations of quantum entanglement, but the basic idea is, that many different technical approaches to explain it lead to conclusion, that spacetime is an emergent feature of the universe, rather than its building block. Even though English is not my native language, this book was written in a simple English, so I haven't had any struggles to understand what I've read.
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