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Reviewed in the United States on August 28, 2018
I tried.
This book had so many excellent reviews.
I just don’t understand.
I was following nicely about lobsters and posture. It made sense.
I ignored the tone, which was borderline yelling.
I ignored the sweeping generalizations.
I ignored the biblical passages that started to overtake every paragraph in a quasi word-salad way. I’ve studied the Bible since I could read. I know when something is off.
I can only compare this book to a very long sermon, where I’m trying to follow along, and derive some wisdom. As the hours wear on, everyone is shaking their heads in agreement and I just want to go home.
All I could hear were illogical statements that left zero room for elasticity and nuance. I am a human being. We all are. The author seems to set that aside and preach on...and on...and on.
I felt alienated, confused and finally could take no more. I got up and left the church that this book pretends not to be.
I could not have disliked this self-help book more.
Never again.
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